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August 2021

So…. We bought a tractor. Our first major major purchase. Not just any tractor, a vineyard tractor. For those of you wondering, a vineyard tractor is like the mighty mouse of tractors. It’s super narrow (to be able to navigate the rows), and super powerful for its size (95 horsepower). This thing is only about 5 feet wide and 7 feet tall. It can lift 100 pounds right over its head. Vineyard tractors are hard to come by in Kansas. They can be easily found on the coasts, but not a huge demand here in the Midwest. We had this gal shipped in from Michigan. Unlike the vines the brought excitement, this brought anxiety. Lots of it. Oh Well

My friend Joe said, “Well, you’re pretty deep in it now.”  Yeah. Joe’s right. He usually is.

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