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Wendelin 'Wendel' Hund

"Wendelin Hund, son of German immigrants Moritz and Maria Hund, was born on September 2, 1834, in St. Charles, Missouri. Wendelin started his vineyard in 1872 in present-day Salt Creek Valley, Kansas. Wendelin was an excellent example of how notable Kansas winemakers were at their peak, producing wine that was said to rival New York and California. Not only was Wendelin a vintner, but also a defender during Price’s Raid and a part of the Home Guard during the Civil War. Great Grandpa Hund was fortunate enough to live until the ripe old age of 80, when he passed away in Corpus Christi, Texas, after moving there for his retirement.


We thought the best way to continue his legacy was to use his name, capturing what he stood for: Great Wine."

-Dylan Smith, Great (5X) Grandson


Not far from where Lewis and Clark first crossed the Missouri river, sits “...the most beautiful valley …” known as Salt Creek Valley, Kansas. Throughout its history this glacial land, has been deemed as some of the most fertile land in the world. Home to native people, its rolling landscapes and traditionally rich Kansas grasses, was abound with wild grapes. In 1859 President James Buchanan signed over a slice of this valley to C.H. Grover – The first attorney of ‘The Kansas Territory”


Over the years this farmstead along the Kickapoo trail would be handed down from family to family. From Grover, to Mosse, to Engelbeck, to Boling, to Strand, to Hund, the land remained.

The_Leavenworth_Times_Sat__Nov_4__1893_ copy_edited_edited.jpg


In 1872 Wendelin Hund began planting a his vineyard. This effort would soon grow to over 60 acres, producing over 30,000 gallons of wine per year. Wendelin eventually sold off his vineyard, moving to Texas. As prohibition swept the country, the vines faded into


The image on the front page is the ORIGINAL wine cellar from Hund Wine Co dug by hand in the late 1890's located less than 2 miles from our vineyard.

The picture to the right is the wine cellar as it was in 1908.

Wendellin Hund Wine Cellar.jpg


Owning a vineyard is a dream come true, the good and the bad. With the regions rich, yet unknown, viticultural history and mesoclimate we are undertaking this journey to specialize in the production of ultra-premium grape varieties showcasing the remarkable history, quality, and character of generations past.

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