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Brian and Jessica (Hund) Smith

We met by chance while both studying abroad in a small town in rural Italy. After falling madly in love we spent the next few months backpacking throughout the European countryside. Actually none of that is true! We met in Lawrence, KS and jumped headfirst into this wonderful, amazing, crazy life. In 2010 we purchased the farm in Salt Creek Valley, Kansas where we have raised our 3 amazing kids.

The Kids

Dylan, Jack, and Savanna, together with Lucy and Daisy make up the heart of our family. Dylan is currently attending Kansas State, while Jack and Savanna attend school in Atchison, KS. All three help out tremendously, with Dylan brining the muscle, Jack bringing the humor, and Savanna bringing the sassiness - all vital ingredients to viticulture process. Lucy and Daisy help keep the unwanted guests out of the vineyard!

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