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March 2021

this is just the start. im not 100% sure how this adventure is going to turn out. last saturday i drove 2 hours and sat in a college classroom for the first time in 20 years. i signed up for this program months ago. on a whim. after months of trying to figure out what to do next.  the last few months of 2020 i didnt leave the house. I sat on our front porch looking across our fields having a glass of wine. trying to figure out what to do. I had also just finished binge watching Yellowstone and i thought...wouldnt it be cool to work right here. maybe raise cattle, or bulls. yeah i could raise bulls. no, bad idea.  wouldnt it be cool to plant my own vines. then i could get a horse. i would be exactly like Dennis Quaid in Parent Trap. the wine part anyway. i told jessica - i had a plan. her response - "dont you remember how the last idea worked out." good point. so i did what i do best. ordered something online. only this time it was vines. 21 vines to be exact. and since i know nothing about growing vines (i have learned its called viticulture) i signed up for some classes. over the last 4 months ive read as much as i can about the history of wine and grapes in the state of kansas. I just finished my soil test. looks good. i did the compact survey, looks good. vines are on the way. in the next two weeks they will be in the ground. and just like that, we own a vineyard. next purchase - brown cowboy hat.

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