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May 2021

Talk about anti-climactic. After doing the research, calculating the math, measuring distances, and staking the ground, i was ready. i had my spots painted. i knew exactly where my vines would go. My classes started, im learning SO much info about this world of viticulture. Agg meets alcohol. i was ready to plant my first batch. A small set of vines to see if i could even be a grower. To me, it was a big step. i ordered online after doing my due diligence. What scions, what root stock, certified or non-certified? Could these little fellas make it here, would they tolerate the cold? i had it down.

 When the shipping confirmation came, i felt it. Certainly this would be shipped via semi, maybe flags on the front. This was a big deal. The vines arrived by car. A Camry i think. An outsourced delivery guy just sort of threw them on the porch uninspired. One brown envelope. Months of research, anxiety, and more research boiled down to - one. brown. envelope. That weekend my dad, my son, and i dug 21 holes, planted 21 vines, carried 21 buckets of water. Three generations planting vines. It came and went, unemotional to everyone else but the three of us. When they arrived, i was expecting trumpets, what i got was memories - even better.

i’ll take it.



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